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Technical Modification Policy Tips
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Before changing any Technical points time by time, please make sure your company has clearly understand our policy in the following:



A formal email requirement to be sent to us is required, we will make modification to the points, and write it into the 'specification for approval' sheet for your confirmation.
If QC or engineer's evidence shows that our samples are not pass the testing due to our reason, we will bear the 2nd samples fee and freight prepaid for customer re-testing.
A new signature or stamp confirmation to new technical specification datasheet is nesseary to the formal prodution arrangement.
If customer does not sign for the technical 'specification for approval', the customer bear all the responsibility.
Factory will not arrange the production order until the new 'specification for approval' is signed, so the lead time is re-calculated as per the confirmation date of it.
In order to arrange your order in time, get no delay, please must scan and email the new 'specification for approval' in 3 working days only.
If we have technical changes during the production period, we will issue 'Technical Changing Notice' for customer's approval, please must scan and email the new 'Technical Changing Notice' in 3 working days, otherwise your PO will be delayed or stopped without any notice.
Production to order will be only according to the samples approved which was signed by customer side.
      7 Any of request which is asking to deliver in advance of the normal leadtime or others will be not accepted.

 Notes: we reserves the right to alter or amend the service tips or company policy without prior notice.